Data Analysis

Bioinformatics Analysis

Thanks to high-throughput approaches, data analysis is now the bottleneck of biological and biomedical research. Prof de Magalhaes has over 20 years of experience in computational analysis. He collaborates with some of the top researchers and institutions in the world, and will involve other leading scientists to achieve the best results.

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Drug discovery
Services include target identification, drug repurposing using network pharmacology methods, and the application of machine learning methods and AI to drug discovery and drug development.
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Omics-based biomarker discovery
Deriving biomarkers is essential in biomedical research and in medicine. They allow the diagnosis and prognosis of diseases and are crucial for testing therapies and clinical trials. From molecular signatures to physiological, we can help identify biomarkers of clinical relevance.
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data analysis
Machine learning and AI
Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are revolutionizing a number of fields, including life and medical sciences. We employ state-of-the-art algorithms to analyze large datasets and uncover data patterns and thus derive new insights.
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network biology
Big data
High throughput approaches are generating large amounts of data that needs to be processed and analyzed. We employ multidimensional data integration and network biology approaches to gather insights from complex data sets. These methods can be applied to various biological processes, organisms and human diseases, including cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, heart diseases and diabetes.
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Modelling, statistical analysis
Huge experience in all aspects of bioinformatics analysis, including gene expression analysis, genomics, modelling and statistics.
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web development
Website and online tool construction
Over 20 years of experience building websites and online tools. The world-leading online databases and tools developed by Prof de Magalhaes have been highlighted in, among other journals, Science and Nature Reviews Genetics.
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personalized medicine
Genetics and personalized medicine
With advances in genetics, tailoring treatments to individual patients will be a hallmark of future medical practice. Patient stratification by genetic, physiologic or clinical parameters allows patients to be divided into groups and treatments tailored for each group.