World-Renowned Speaker

A former stand-up comedian, Prof de Magalhaes is an engaging, captivating speaker. He has delivered over 100 invited talks all over the world in small to large conferences, academia, charities and companies.

Photo from TEDxImperialCollege
Speaker and lecturer
TED Speaker
Prof de Magalhaes is an experienced public speaker and has given three TEDx talks on aging, genomics and longevity science.
Photo from Brave New World
Futurist and panellist
Futurist Speaker
Passionate about the future and predicting the impact of technology on our future lives.
Photo courtesy of Centaura
Invited speaker
Keynote Speaker
Invited speaker at broad multidisciplinary conferences and at many companies.
Photo from Buck Institute for Research on Aging
Longevity expert
Longevity and clinical translation
Frequent speaker at longevity and healthy aging conferences.