Anti-aging biotech

Advising small and large biotech companies on longevity science, current research trends and future outlook.

Machine learning/AI

Data analysis and interpretation using the latest algorithms, including artificial intelligence and deep learning.

Strategic thinking

Strategic planning and development in biotech, biomedical sciences and education.

Future trends

Predicting the impact of disruptive technologies on medicine, society and businesses.

Drug development

Employing bioinformatics and machine learning for drug discovery and repurposing.

Project/grant evaluation

Grant review, investor education and guidance for entrepreneurs.

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Improving life and health

Longevity is the biggest business opportunity of the 21st century. It also promises to change society and medicine in profound ways.

Bioinformatics and data analysis

  • 01.

    Data management, security, database development and data sharing.

  • 02.

    Big data analysis, machine learning and AI to find hidden trends in complex datasets.

  • 03.

    Bioinformatics data analysis, interpretation and statistics.

  • 04.

    Data processing and analysis from high-throughput platforms.

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